Integrated Group "designed to implement the three stations for" Siemens "combinations worth over 20 million pounds

Company "Integrated Group for Engineering Works" intends to implement business combinations 5 new projects during 2016.

Tamer Fouad Othman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of "integrated group" said that the projects that the company is preparing to implement the new year, including iron fixtures for three power plants implemented by the company «Siemens» German with two Egyptian companies «Orascom» and «Swedish Electric.»

He added that the cost of implementing the station one of six million pounds, and expected to exceed the contractual value of the three plants of 20 million pounds.

The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy has signed the end of 2015, the contract with the German company Siemens to create three power plants capacities of 14.4 thousand megawatts, a total cost of 6 billion euros.

And being implemented in the establishment of three stations in Beni Suef, Burollus, the new administrative capital, it is planned to start operation of their abilities in December 2016, and implemented these projects the company «Siemens» German, and its partners Egyptians, two giants «Orascom» and «Swedish Electric».

Othman explained that the company applied for the tenders to compete for the two subsidiaries of Orascom, and a tender last leg of the Swedish, while there is no answer in them yet.

He added that «Integrated Group» awaiting the receipt of the new project during this month, the New Year usher him in 2016 that expire before the end of the implementation, a project the implementation of the mineral compositions of the young plant electricity in Ismailia, a contractual value of 10 million pounds.

Osman said the company is pending in the implementation of the third phase of the project «OCI» Electricity 6th of October City station company private and made her company last November, with a contractual value unexpected amounting to 6 million pounds, pointing out that the company had carried out the first phase and the second during 2014 and 2015.

Othman explained that the company «Orascom» project was divided on three separate stages, adding that the tender submitted her company is still under study, has not received a response yet.
He alluded to the Chairman of the Board projects that the company continues to increase, noting that some companies are being outsourced jobs subsequent complementary to the projects, which would raise revenue in the company's interest, and increase confidence among investors.

He said the company was assigned to the end of November last another project for the installation of metal installations b «Egypt Mall» in the Sixth of October worth 2.5 million pounds, a direct contract with the company «B-Six-Orascom».

Osman revealed that the company will end the additional of the new project, before the end of next February, bringing the total «Egypt Mall» project revenues of 18 million pounds, pointing out that the company completed the main project Bamol contract value of 15.5 million pounds.

And Othman predicted opening of the Mall of Egypt during the first quarter of this year, saying that «Carrefour» currently ends of the finishing process, one of the first commercial centers that will be opened mall.

And delayed settlements Egypt Mall, Osman pointed to the company's efforts to the completion of the project late settlements, with a general contractor, Orascom, and expected to fall within the current year's budget in 2015, to contribute to the achievement of the company's growth in profits and access to target ratios.

It was delayed settlements «Egypt Mall» a major cause in the decline of the company's profit during the nine months ended September 30, 2015, approximately 62%, which made a net profit of 173 thousand pounds, compared to 463.5 thousand pounds during the same period last year.

The company had anticipated in its budget planning during 2015 to achieve revenue of $ 20 million pounds and the target profit of one million pounds.

He said Osman «I expect that the company achieved revenue of $ 13 million pounds if the lack of access to the rest of Egypt Mall compromises late before the end of the year».

In the same context, President «Integrated Group» said the company ended first of two power plants in «Abu Rawash» and «Qatta» Giza Governorate, with a total contractual value of 15 million pounds.

Osman added that the company has completed a project along the production lines of a factory «Jotun Paints» in Ismailia contract value of 2.5 million pounds.

On the reason for the capital increase, Osman said that the principal of the resort company under the Egyptian Stock Exchange The goal is to increase its capital, a measure of liquidity for the purchase of equipment used in the construction of rail rather than rented, where the company incurred 35% of the total cost, which the company is seeking to provide it.

Osman revealed that the company is targeting to achieve a profit margin of 10% over the next year, after the cost-cutting plan, rather than the margin of only 5% over the past years, adds a strong return to shareholders.

He explained that the company plans to buy eight new machines worth nine million pounds during 2016 and 2017, and take advantage of «Integrated Group» increase in the provision of working capital in the coming years to expand the projects.

And it approved a public company, held December 16 to increase the capital of 3 million pounds to 12 million pounds, an increase in cash of $ 9 million pounds, divided into 45 million shares with a nominal value of 20 pounds, by cash subscription to the existing shareholders, by 3 shares for every share drink.

Osman revealed that the company is targeting expansion outside of Egypt in the rail business in the Gulf states, pointing out that the company plans by 2017 for the opening of a new branch in Saudi Arabia or the UAE, in the event the company for projects there, which prove their worth and gain the confidence of foreign markets.

Othman explained that the company is seeking to showcase some of its projects executed effectively on Arab investors to implement symmetry there, depending on the external relations of the company.

And the high stock price in the stock market, President «Integrated Group» said the market value of the shares currently reflect the strength of the company in conjunction with the existing and future projects, over the next years.

It was clearly evident in the IPO oversubscribed 36 times, Osman added that put the stock in the stock market at a price of 60 pounds, was the focus of attention of investors, having submitted bids amounted to 108 million shares, while the quantity offered 3 million shares only.

The «National Integrated Group» the second most points during the 2015 stock, although raised in April, the stock almost 300% has risen while the Egyptian Stock Exchange lost during that period, about 2,000 points, a market loss of 23% of the land's main index EGX30 from 9000 to 7000 points .

The activity «Integrated Group» in the installation of metal structures for industrial and commercial activities, and installation of all mechanical equipment, lines and networks of pipes for industrial plants, and installation of warehouses, storage tanks, and the design and manufacture of all rail business.

The current capital of the company 3 million pounds, divided by 15 million shares, with a nominal value of 20 pts