As one of the market leaders in the construction fields; we provide turnkey solutions related to the industrial construction. 


As a first stage in the industrial project, IEG is capable to perform the various Engineering activities for steel structure, tanks, pressure vessels, and other related works, according to International Codes and Standards, the Engineering works cover, the following areas: 

o Basic and Detailed Engineering

o Workshop drawings 


  • Project Planning and Scheduling: 

In the light of the overall Project Time Schedule, IEG carry out the required analysis to achieve the project target dates, by means of the following: 

o Obtaining the best precedence relation between the various construction activities. o Allocating the optimum resources (manpower, construction equipment and tools). 

  • Method Statements: 

Construction method statement is one of the most important documents prior construction commencement, IEG, through its experienced staff, carry out thorough study for the construction site layout, equipment to be erected, field erected items (i.e. steel structure, tanks, piping, pipe lines, ..etc), accordingly the optimum method statement is being established. 

  • Rigging and Lifting Plans: 

For the heavy lifts, where risk is somehow present, professional rigging and lifting plan should be in place prior the heavy lifts took place; IEG is capable to make the required studies and deliver the suitable plans. 



  • Supervision: 

IEG provides high calibers to sail safely with project till reaching the finish date, project management; planning and coordination lead to project succession. Supervision staff normally consists of Construction Management, Site Engineers, material controllers and Foremen. 



  • Execution: 

he presence of the qualified direct manpower will directly impact the project quality, IEG provides various professions in the construction fields like fitters, welders, riggers, electricians, … etc.  


IEG is carrying out fabrication within its approved fabrication facilities, monitoring the fabrication and expediting the whole process in conformity with the client requirements and fabrication time schedule. 


IEG does believe that the quality is the core of the construction success, thus special attention is given to both QA and QC through competent and qualified personnel, as follows: 

  • QA: 

Establishing the project quality plan that conforms to the project specifications and applicable codes, carrying periodical audits to assure the full implementation of the plan and the documentation system. 

  • QC: 

Implementing the Quality Plan, producing the Material Receiving Reports, Quality Reports, signing of the NDT Reports, and gathering all the necessary reports, records and documents within the final documentation, and handing them over to the client for final release.